Mickey Cunningham


Wesley’s MMA sessions combine boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Muay Thai and wrestling.

It is the passion of 8 years training across Asia, Brazil and the UK that are transfered in to these training sessions. Whether you’re training for a fight or training for yourself, a beginner or just want to try something new. Wesley adapts to the needs of the class and the individual, he can help whatever your goals are.

His experience includes:
Brazilian Jiujtsu at Roger Gracie Academy, London.
Muythai at Sassiprapa gym, Thailand.
Philipino Boxing at Elorde gym, Philippines.
MMA with Franzino Tirta, Indonesia.
Jiu Jitsu, KMA Philippines.
MMA with Demian Maia At Vila da Luta, São Paulo.
Pro MMA fighter (PXC)

As with any fighter, training is continual. He currently training all his disciplines in London.

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