Mickey Cunningham



With a strong focus of core and functional fitness, Mickey is continually seeking new and innovative methods to teach his clients how to exercise correctly in a fun and interesting way whilst pushing for results. His signature exercises combine movements that hit multiple muscles and engage the mind. His workouts are fast paced, high intensity intervals, with both anaerobic and cardiovascular components.

In his words, he likes giving people knowledge, confidence, encouragement and smiles. Sessions are available in 30min or 1hour timeslots. Group sessions are also available.


Finding it to be an effective way to avoid patrolling, Mickey’s boxing career began in the army where he trained non-stop and remained unbeaten for his entire 4 years.

Leaving the army he met an amateur trainer and began boxing for St. Peter’s in Woolwich. He got to the London ABA semi-final. After a short break he found he couldn’t keep from boxing long: “Boxing gives you goals, keeps you fit, channels your aggression and is a great social outlet. I like the fitness, the adrenaline rush, and the science: there’s always a move to counter another move. It’s like a game of chess.”

He returned to boxing to win a number of titles, and became a coach and trainer in 2005.

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