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Hey, I’m Kim Ling. I discovered yoga when I was a ratbag teenager. The incense was a bit much, the stretching was too hard and I just didn’t get it. Decades later, I became a stereotypical high-flying achiever who was basically dead inside. One day, my go-to pilates class was full, so I rocked up to yoga and the rest is history. Yes, yoga saved my life and I now share its magic with others in a straight-talking way in studios, workplaces and at events. Expect my classes to be joyous, feisty and led from the heart.


Vinyasa Flow
Tap into your flow state with our feel good yoga flow! Vinyasa is all about mindfully linking your breath and movements. Expect funky playlists, dynamic sequences to build strength and juicy stretches to get you feeling supple, energised and re-inspired.

Rocket Rave
Ready to launch? If you like your yoga playful and fiery, this is your jam. Rocket is made up of a set sequence of standing postures, arm balances and inversions (yep, we’re going upside down) which allows you to practice and progress with every session. Beginners welcome!

Yoga and Chill
If you’re looking to dial down the volume, join us on the mat for calming candlelit yoga. This is a yin style practice where postures are held for longer, enabling the body to release tension and melt into a state of relaxation. Aromatherapy and Tibetan sound bowls are also incorporated to help you heal, reset and fall into a delicious bliss state.


YA 200 HR, The Refinery School of Yoga
Feb 2020 - Oct 2020
Directed by Zoe Bertali E-RYT, with mentoring from experts in anatomy, philosophy and movement. The course had its roots in Vinyasa Flow, but also drew inspiration
from Ashtanga, Restorative, Nidra, Yin and Forrest.

Rocket Intensive CPD, Black Lotus Yoga
Nov 2021 - Nov 2021
Led by Senior teacher Kathy Ran who studied with the one and only Larry Schultz. The training focused on leading Bottle Rocket, Rocket 1 and 2, as well as the art of
flying, sequencing and teaching arm balances and inversions in a safe and empowering manner.

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